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Earliest Childhood Experiences with the Supernatural

Dustin Grandma and Grandpa Ruths

Some of my earliest memories of encountering the supernatural happened at my grandmother's house in Virginia. I would often stay at my grandmother's for the weekend, or sometimes an entire week, just me and her. After my grandfather died when I was around four years old, my parents would send me to stay with my grandma to keep her company, and it became a fun place for me to go over the years.

When I was very young I would actually sleep in her room. She had a pair of twin beds that were pushed together that she and my grandpa slept in, and I would sleep on his side. I remember one night waking up and seeing who appeared to be my grandfather standing there, but he vanished fairly quickly. Later in my early twenties, my grandmother admitted to me that after my grandfather died she often woke up and saw him watching over her at night.

Another memory that sticks in my head was waking up and hearing my grandmother's two small dogs, that slept in the bed, talking to one another. I was utterly confused. Only later did I come to realize I may have heard ghosts speaking to one another, though I don't know who.

As I grew older I began sleeping in the guest room. There was a large dresser and mirror right next to the bed, and I recall waking up one night, looking up, and seeing three floating faces in the mirror. For years after when I slept in that room, I always made sure not to face the mirror!

Dustin and Claire Ruths
Dustin and Frances Ruths

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