The Eaglemere Inn, Eaglesmere, PA

Eaglesmere Inn, PA
Two rooms, The Hardly Able and The Sweet Shop, on the second floor of the inn are some of the hot spots the public is able to experience, should they decide to book the rooms. Both rooms are in the back right corner of the inn, and likely were once connected given their proximity. When the inn was constructed it was actually a boarding house for laborers helping to build the town and the railroad in the area. Both of these room appear to be the residence of a spirit who simply likes their space and to be left alone. My sense, when I was there in April of 2018, was this was a very large man, in stature, and that he died from a heart attack or similar ailment of some kind. This was simply due to what I was feeling in these rooms. A second individual, who indicated they were sensitive, also got the same feelings, even though I told them nothing of my own feelings or investigations. In the Hardly Able Room when I asked if anyone was there, I got an EVP response, "No! Again, this indicates to me this is is a spirit that likes their solitude in this area.

In November of 2018 I returned with Laurie Hull from Tri-County Paranormal and did not tell her anything of what I had sensed before. She immediately told me there was a very big man in The Sweet Shop, he liked his solitude, and perhaps he was of Italian descent. She saw his shirt buttons almost bursting, that was how large he was. She also felt pain in her chest and head, indicating a heart attack or possibly a stroke. Later while in the bathroom she smelled a terrible odor of body sweat near the shower, but it dissipated after a minute. We investigated the room multiple times and always near the bathroom we had multiple devices go off, one which I was lucky enough to record. We also believe from the investigation he may have worked in the town's glass factory, which was what the town was known for before it became a tourist destination in the very late 1800s and early 1900s.

What was once the garage has been converted into guest rooms, a laundry room, and the Inn Keeper's home (the upstairs area). All of these areas, along with the kitchen in the main inn and the dining area are the domain of one of the former owners, Joan. Joan's official death was ruled a suicide, but many in the town do not believe this was the case and have long suspected foul play involving her husband. Joan and her husband were the innkeepers back in the late sixties and early seventies. Joan learned her husband was having an affair with their cook and served him with divorce papers. Two days later she was found dead. When the current owners found Joan's old cookbook and began using the recipes it seemed to have stirred up her spirit in the place. She is a watchful spirit, but harmless.

In November of 2018 while investigating the laundry room area in the garage the mention of Joan's name would cause KII meters to go off, but also a Periscope went off when we asked about her death, and an EDI meter began beeping when we asked if she wanted justice. Several different individuals using divining rods all had the rods point in the direction of what is now one of the ground floor rooms where we believe, but cannot confirm, Joan was either found or died.

There are other areas in Eagles Mere worth investigating. The lake and town were once Native American lands. Up the street from the inn is the town green, where once stood a hotel that long ago burned down. This area has been fairly active in my past investigations, with high EMF fluctuations. Here though one must be careful, because near the gazebo there are underground electrical lines.

Two to three miles from the Inn is also the ruins of the 18th century religious commune Celestia, which again showed some high EMF readings in areas. Outside of some nearby homes, most of this area should be devoid of EMF fluctuations.

This was originally written in August of 2018, based on April 2018 and November 2017 investigations. It's been updated to reflect a November 2018 investigation.

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