Welcome to Paranormal Anthropology!

Scary Ghost
Paranormal Anthropology blends my academic training as an anthropologist with my interest in the paranormal. Feel free to browse the pages, but this is a work in progress. I have years of recordings and videos to upload, as well as stories and experiences to share, not to mention various academic articles on the paranormal, local and abroad.

What's New?

12/31/18 - I've added some of my experiences at Pennshurst Asylum and the West Virginia Penitentiary with some sound recordings!

12/03/18 - I've updated the video page with a video from a Spirit Box session with an insanely clear response we got from a recent investigation.

11/04/18 - I've updated the page on the Eaglesmere Inn in PA after a second investigation, and added a quick video from it.

8/25/18 - I've posted short stories about the Eaglesmere Inn in PA.

8/03/18 - I've added a page for information on Paranormal Equipment with links to ones you can purchase on Amazon.

7/26/18 - I've posted short stories about Elaine's Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, NJ along with The Farnsworth House in PA.

7/26/18 - I've posted my first blog entry about some of my earliest childhood experiences with the supernatural.