Collected EVPs, Video and more from Paranormal Investigations

What you'll find on this page is only a sampling of the EVPs and videos I have. I have additional ones to add over times, and hundreds of photos I'm always looking at over and over.

The David Stewart Farm

August 2015 investigation at the David Stewart Farm in Gettysburg, PA. Upstairs bedroom which was used as an operating room. Two Parascopes set across the room quickly go off in succession.

Filmed with a full spectrum 1080P Go-Pro knock-off.

Rockford Plantation

February 2016 investigation at Rockford Plantation in Lancaster, PA. Upstairs bedroom. Mild chit-chatting while during the investigation. Laurie Hull and others discuss antique furniture being broken when suddenly we hear what sounds like a woman cry out "Oh!" in response at around the 50 second mark.

Filmed with a full spectrum 1080P Go-Pro knock-off.

Elaine's Bed and Breakfast

This was recorded in October of 2015 at Elaine's in Cape May, NJ using an Olympus Voice Recorder WS-822. I had been using the divining rods to talk to the spirits, and they were really going insane. I was also doing an EVP session during it. The first file is the actual unaltered file. The second one I enhanced and flipped the backward speech so you can understand it.

Me: Is anybody here with us?
Voice: Carmella (Carmello?)

My divining rods jingle.
Bizarre sound (backwards speech) ("That's Me? It's Me?")

Me: Can you tell us you're name?
Voice: I can't (I can?)

Ft. Mifflin

With John Levy and others in Casemate 5 at Ft Mifflin on October 28, 2017 for the "Sleeping With The Ghosts" event. Using and SB7 and Spirit Speaker to filter voices. Recorded on my iPhone 7 (not the greatest). As an airplane went overhead, John asked if they knew what that was, a voice says airplane, which I repeated.

Eaglesmere Inn

In the Hardly Able Room I asked "Is there anyone here?" It sounds like someone answers "No." This was recorded on a Paranologies' Re-EVP device originally, and I had to record it to my phone from the devices speaker, hence the poor audio quality.

Eaglesmere Inn

In The Sweet Shop room, Laurie Hull and I had been investigating off and on. We kept leaving and coming back, and our Parascope 360 and Parascope in the bathroom kept going off. I was finally able to record the 360 going off. We moved the 360 several times in this area and it kept going off, and at different times of the day.

Philadelphia Church

Recorded on 11/30/18 on an iPhone Xs Max, we were using the new SBox spirit box on an investigation at a church (name withheld) in Philadelphia. The SBox was in a faraday bag to prevent radio signal interference. We asked for a name and "Bob" came through.