Pennhurst Asylum, Spring City, PA

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You are guaranteed to always have something happen if you take a paranormal journey to Pennhurst. The Mayflower is the main building one can currently investigate, but they are working to safely open others, and recently the tunnels under several buildings have been opened.

I have had several experiences in the Mayflower. In the basement my friend Laurie and I heard the distinct sound of laughing children, and felt the ominous presence of Mr. King, the male spirit who is said to rule the roost down there. A small female spirit attempted to try and make contact over a ghost box in the basement's padded room, and on the third floor I had a male inmate come through in the room that has the old fashioned wheel chair. He identified himself as an inmate over the ghost box. The hallways on the third floor are an excellent spot to lay out any objects such as periscopes or rem pods, as a nurse is said to keep watch up there. Indeed I have seen them go off one by one when lined up.

In the newly opened tunnels under Rockwell, while peering in one of the windows of the locked doors, I heard a voice clearly whisper "Don't" in my ear.

However my worst encounter ever happened in Devon, which is no longer open to the public. In one of the restrooms on the second floor I was in a back stall when I felt something behind me breath on my neck and lick my ear. I shot out of there quickly! The bathrooms were where much of the abuse happened. In the large bathroom on the first floor was where we heard "rape" come over a ghost box.

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