Welcome to Paranormal Anthropology!

Scary Ghost
Paranormal Anthropology blends my academic training as an anthropologist with my interest in the paranormal. Feel free to browse the pages, but this is a work in progress. I have years of recordings and videos to upload, as well as stories and experiences to share, not to mention various academic articles on the paranormal, local and abroad.

What's New?

8/25/18 - I've posted short stories about the Eaglesmere Inn in PA.

8/03/18 - I've added a page for information on Paranormal Equipment with links to ones you can purchase on Amazon.

7/26/18 - I've posted short stories about Elaine's Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, NJ along with The Farnsworth House in PA.

7/26/18 - I've posted my first blog entry about some of my earliest childhood experiences with the supernatural.